Saturday, March 22, 2003

Alan Siporin

Alan Siporin almost needs no introduction anywhere in Oregon. After twenty years on National Public Radio, first as Oregon's primary NPR correspondent and later with local affiliate KLCC in Eugene and its family of sister stations across the state, Siporin's calm delivery and measured tone signal to listeners the highest standards of journalistic ethics and balanced reportage, in sharp contrast to nearly every other talk-show host on the dial, where spin, bombast, political polarization of issues and outright misinformation color important topics daily. Indeed, without Alan's presence on the airwaves one might come to believe that a prerequisite for talk-show hostship would be to formally declare oneself a right-wing lackey.

Winner of over a hundred awards, including ACLU and NAACP awards for significant service to the community, Alan's commentaries have been a regular staple of NPR's "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition." A regular contributor to the Eugene Weekly, he has also written articles appearing in the New York Times and Northwest Magazine. He currently hosts and produces "Critical Mass," the award-winning listener call-in talk show heard Sundays on KLCC.

In the skewed environment of greed, political correctness and compromised social objectives Americans currently experience, it has been noted that while nonfiction is about relating facts, fiction is sometimes the place where one can tell the truth. Inspired by the raw-edged muse of experience garnered while covering hate-crimes, forest fires and other news particular to the Northwest and its people, Alan has crossed the not-always distinct divide between journalism and fiction.

It is an honor to present Alan Siporin...

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