Friday, July 18, 1997

Jeff Taylor

JEFF TAYLOR lives in a haunted valley somewhere in the Coast Range and writes columns for This Old House magazine, Harrowsmith Country Life, and other journals. He has been a contributing editor of New Age Journal and Mother Earth News. His first book, Tools of the Trade, was published in 1996. He often speaks on his favorite subject: the need for more humor in a pernicious, unfriendly, perilous, and ugly time in human history, called NOW.

Jeff will read from the title story of his forthcoming book, The Flight of the Vampire Quade, which is based on his experience as a hospice volunteer.

Robert Heilman

ROBERT HEILMAN is an essayist, public radio commentator and storyteller. He dropped out of high school into a life of seasonal manual labor in 1970, picking up work in moving and hauling, construction, reforestation, and gyppo logging..

Ten years later, he accidentally fell — ten feet, head-first — into freelance writing. Heilman will read from Overstory: Zero, Real Life in Timber County

Susan Hauser

SUSAN HAUSER is a Portland freelance writer who has been writing for the Leisure & Arts page of the Wall Street Journal for twelve years, mostly about amusing people and events in the Northwest. Susan studied journalism at Portland State University and joined the staff of the Oregonian.

She also writes regularly for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Parade, and Sunset. She was People magazine’s first Oregon correspondent.