Saturday, February 16, 2002

Larry Brooks

You know, the question often comes up: what does a person do after his five-year career in pro-baseball with the Texas Rangers fizzles because of an arm injury, followed only a few years later by the disappointing discovery that he was not really cut out to be a stockbroker, and compounded by seventeen years in the industrial-hype trenches, writing scripts and brochures for an expanding audiovisual production company that catered to the likes of Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz Credit Corporation, Cargill and a slew of other Fortune 1000 firms, steadfastly clawing up the corporate ladder rung by rung to Executive Creative Director and partner in one of the largest corporate communications firms in the west, only to see the firm sold out from beneath him?

Does he become an emotional basket-case, a bar-fly or simply join a monastery? Not on your autographed John Grisham. In the face of incredible odds, he quietly dusts off the old word-processor and writes thrillers. And sells 'em.

Tonight, the Nye Beach Writer's Series presents one of the most currently successful writers in the state. With over 200,000 copies sold of his first novel, Darkness Bound, since publication by Onyx Books in October of 2000, and a second book, Pressure Points, just released by Onyx in December of 2001.

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