Saturday, November 18, 2000

Michael T. Young

Nothing escapes Michael Young's notice, from the cosmic to the microscopic, and in the best of these challenging, sometimes difficult poems, that notice is transformed into images so arresting and beautiful that they stop the heart for a moment and enter into the reader's memory for good
From a review written by Rhina P. Espaillat

That is high praise indeed for a poet’s first full-length poetry collection. Transcriptions of Daylight was published in September by Rattapallax Press.

Michael was born in Reading Pennsylvania but moved to New York City in 1990 to write. He lived there for nine years, during which time he attended New York University, Hunter College and various writer’s conferences. His work has been published in The Christian Science Monitor, Rattapallax, Pivot, The Hollins Critic, Folio, and other literary journals. His chapbook, Because the Wind Has Questions, was published in 1997.

Michael resides in New Jersey and earns his living as a computer programmer.

As Michael wrote:
Poetry encourages paying attention to thought. It provokes us to question.

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