Friday, November 20, 1998

Scott Rosin

Scott Rosin began writing shortly after heading into the woods in 1971. "I've worked in nearly every capacity of forest labor over the last 28 years: fire-fighter, smokejumper, tree planter, pre-commercial thinner, timber-faller, logger. If it involved blood, sweat and lower back pain, I've done it."

Scott's poetry has been published in numerous woodland, firefighting, surfing, and literary magazines. He was featured as the world's foremost surfing poet in The Glide: Renaissance of Long-Board Surfing, a history and commentary about contemporary long-board surfing by Chris Bystrom, published in Australia every year since 1999. He has also written a novel about D.B. Cooper the legendary Northwest hijacker, a full-length children's book The Chronicles of Humbleton, is working on a collection of poems about surfing, and a novel The Secret Spot, which is near completion.

Scott began writing plays in 1984. The first three were one-act comedies about love-relationships collectively called "Problems in Natural Selection." His musical adaptation of O. Henry's "Gift of the Magi" transformed the original two-character short story into a stage performance with a cast of 59. In 1988, "O Dragon" was performed at the Next Wave Youth Theatre in Newport where he played the lead role. "The Stolen Hours," performed at the Newport Performing Arts Center in November 1996, was Scott's sixth play staged in Newport.

Scott is a competitive surfer, on the Board for the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts, and host of the Nye Beach Writers' Series.

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